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Announcement from FoodHandler’s Sales Manager


We are pleased to announce that our new food safety consultants—Dr. Jeannie Sneed and Dr. Cathy Strohbehn—will be writing blogs twice each month, on the first and fifteenth. Their goal is to make these blogs relevant, and to continue conversations about food safety among foodservice operators. We invite you to contact them to ask questions, share success stories, make suggestions for blog topics, or provide other thoughts you have about food safety. You can email them at

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Top Food Safety Websites


You ask…How do I learn about food safety regulation?  What pathogens in foods can make me sick?  What temperature should I safely cook my roast beef to and how do I take food temperatures?   How do I clean and sanitize anything according to the FDA Food Code?   What and where is the  most recent version of the FDA Food Code? Where can I find food safety educational materials galore in book form or online?  Do I need them in Spanish or a Chinese dialect?

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