Meet Our Team

Vice President

Margie joined FoodHandler® in October 2017. As the Vice President of FoodHandler, Margie is responsible for creating, developing, and driving sales for the business across North America. She has over 30 years of distribution experience in the retail, healthcare, and foodservice industries.

Director of Sales, Corporate Accounts

Nicole joined the FoodHandler® Team in 2019 and brings with her 20 years of CPG, retail and foodservice sales and management experience. Nicole strives to create new business and grow the FoodHandler® line across the United States by building upon and strengthening the partnerships with our Marketing Groups and National Accounts.

Director of Sales, Western Region

Gino is a sales veteran. His more than 30 years of experience serve pricing and program management, developing sales plans, strategies, and growing the western region. His career with FoodHandler® began in 1999. His dedication has expanded the Western Region business from $5 million to over $30 million.

Sales Representative, Western Region

Eric joined FoodHandler® in February 2021 as the Sales Representative for the Western Region. In his role, he is responsible for driving sales by working closely with our broker networks, distributors and end users. He brings over 13 years of experience in real estate, retail and software sales.

Director of Sales, Midwest Region

Tim has been part of the FoodHandler® family for 8 years. He brings 27 years of foodservice industry experience with more than 17 years focused specifically within the Food Safety Glove industry. Tim Stark compliments the FoodHandler® Team with his Midwest Region coverage including managing the Gordon Food Service and Sysco Corporate programs.

Director of Sales, Southeast Region

Courtney joined the FoodHandler® family in 2008, bringing 8 years of experience in the foodservice industry with her. She has developed many key customer relationships while at FoodHandler® and currently manages the Southeast Region in addition to taking responsibility for the Performance Food Service Corporate program.

Sales Representative, Southwest Region

David joined FoodHandler® in July of 2022 as the Sales Representative for the Southwest Region. He brings 20 years of experience in foodservice sales thru distribution, manufacture and brokerage. David will be working closely with our distributors, brokers and end users in continuing to develop the region and grow the FoodHandler® lines.

Vice President, Research & Development

James received a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering from University of Athens, Greece, in 1994. His career in the glove manufacturing industry started in 1997, and over the past 20+ years, his expertise in the industry is well known throughout Malaysian factories for latex and nitrile, and China plants for vinyl, poly, and hybrid gloves. As the leader of the research and development department for FoodHandler®, James has had numerous patents covering several material glove types – nitrile, vinyl, and hybrid single use disposable gloves for food service applications and medical examinations. James also actively participates in standards making for specification and testing protocols for disposable gloves at ASTM.

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

With a focus on digital efforts, Sam is responsible for the build, deployment, and maintenance of the FoodHandler® website, social media, CRM tool, videos, and interactive technologies.

Production Manager, Graphics & Web

Emily joined the FoodHandler® Team in 2017. She is a graduate from The Illinois Institute of Art with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design. Emily creates the FoodHandler® product catalogs, product marketing and packaging, sell sheets and point of sale collateral, food safety booklets, brochures and flyers, and also maintains FoodHandler® branded websites.

Graphic & Web Designer

Joining FoodHandler® in Fall 2020, Sarah supports digital promotional efforts and is responsible for maintenance to FoodHandler® branded websites. Her foodservice background coupled with her design experience provides fresh insight from a customer perspective to strengthen the FoodHandler® position and collateral opportunities.

Product Content Coordinator

Cynthia joined FoodHandler® shortly after receiving a degree in Sales & Marketing. Using her 4 years of retail experience, Cynthia works with clients daily to build relationships. Outside of work, she enjoys trying new restaurants in the area and doing makeup applications on the weekend for events.

Product Content Coordinator

While pursuing her master’s degree with a major in marketing, Alina developed an interest in data collection and converting that data into useful and informative resources. Alina enjoys her work the most when she collaborates with a team that shares the same passion. In her spare time, she reads books and writes reviews about them online.