An Unwavering Commitment
to Food Safety

Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, FoodHandler® is the established food safety leader — providing simplified compliance and peace of mind to a range of food service operations. Founded in 1969, FoodHandler® has set the highest quality standards in the market, consistently delivering top-notch service and innovative products that ensure food safety at operations around the globe.

Thinsense™ products expand with the addition of pink gloves for Breast Cancer Awareness.

FoodHandler® introduces Thinsense™, the thinnest Nitrile glove formulation, into the market.

FoodHandler® introduces revolutionary single glove dispensing system, oneSAFE®.

FoodHandler® expands warehouse footprint to include a facility in Elk Grove Village, IL and relocated another warehouse from Nevada to Los Angeles, CA to better serve customers and foodservice markets.

Bunzl acquires FoodHandler® division.

Stone Creek and Riverside Capital merged and created BSSI (Microflex and FoodHandler®).

FoodHandler® joins with trusted medical safety supply company Microflex Corporation. Both companies become subsidiaries of Barrier Safe Solutions International Incorporated (BSSI). The additional resources available through BSSI — increased R&D capabilities, expanded product innovation, greater operational efficiencies, and supply chain management expertise — strengthen FoodHandler’s commitment to developing and marketing innovative food safety products.

FoodHandler® introduces the company’s first NSF-certified products.

SMS was formed and provided food safety training for end-user and distribution (on line and direct), hand hygiene, safety solution surveys, a resource for state regulatory information, and a consultative role with major national accounts.

FoodHandler® is purchased by Stone Creek.

The company introduces 30 new products.

The first Director of Quality Assurance and Training is hired, giving way to FoodHandler’s food safety training and education program.

FoodHandler® gets a new look with a redesigned logo and updated packaging.

FoodHandler® becomes founding sponsor of ICFS.

The FoodHandler® brand is introduced and launches the message that foodservice operators should wear gloves.

New York State amends food code and forbids servers from touching ready-to-eat foods.

Island Polyethylene Bag and Supply Corporation, a precursor to FoodHandler®, is founded.