Cross Contamination

Cross Contamination and the Surfaces that go Unnoticed


In October, I ran across a new research study published in the Journal of Food Protection in early-September.  The article explored cross contamination in consumer kitchens during meal preparation. One of the authors was a previous SafeBites presenter, Dr. Ellen Shumaker, at North Carolina State University.  Although the setting was consumer kitchens and not the commercial kitchen many of you deal with daily, the findings were very applicable to what we often see in the foodservice setting.

Cross Contamination and the Surfaces that go Unnoticed2022-11-07T14:18:06+00:00

Sanitation, Sanitation, Where Art Thou?


Continuing the theme I picked up on a few months ago, discussing common causes of foodborne illness, I’d like to focus this blog on cross contamination, more precisely sanitation. Sanitation is another issue that employees don’t often do at home, so they discount the importance of it in the food production environment. That is to say that they have never made someone sick at home because they only clean their countertops and they have likely never sanitized their kitchen, so why is it so important in a foodservice facility?

Sanitation, Sanitation, Where Art Thou?2022-05-09T13:04:09+00:00


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