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  • 103-TS12-BLK_Z0NL_S01
  • 103-TS12-BLK_Z1CJ_S06
  • 103-TS12-BLK_Z1CJ_S07
  • 103-TS12-BLK_Z1CJ_S08
  • 103-TS12-BLK_Z2LF_S02
  • 103-TS12-BLK_Z8R1_S03
  • 103-TS12-BLK_Z3RM_S04
  • 103-TS12-BLK_Z8RA_S05
  • 103-TS14-BLK_Z8R1_S03
  • 103-TS16-BLK_Z8R1_S03
  • 103-TS18-BLK_Z8R1_S03

FoodHandler® thinsense™ Black Nitrile Gloves

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• FoodHandler’s market leading innovation brand

• Black gloves are practical and highly sought after within the foodservice industry

• Use for preparation and presentation of foods in kitchens, delis, catering or food service events and general use

• Thinnest nitrile formulation in the market while maintaining exceptional strength to task

• Approximately 50% savings in cube space versus vinyl gloves and 20% versus traditional nitrile gloves

• The safer choice, thinsense™ nitrile gloves are powder free, PVC free, and latex free