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  • 105-FHBL12_Z1CJ_S06
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  • 105-FHBL12_Z3LF_S02
  • 105-FHBL12_Z3RM_S04
  • 105-FHBL12_Z8RA_S05
  • 105-FHBL12_Z8R1_S03
  • 105-FHBL14_Z8R1_S03
  • 105-FHBL16_Z8R1_S03
  • 105-FHBL18_Z8R1_S03

FoodHandler® Textured Blue Hybrid Gloves

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• Patent-pending innovative synthetic poly hybrid blend
• Textured pattern for improved grip and performance
• Blue color offers higher visibility for food safety
• Improved stretch, comfort and dexterity over vinyl and poly gloves
• Overall upgrade in performance versus poly gloves
• Ideal for general food assembly and serving needs such as sandwich and salad making, delis, and service stations in schools and supermarkets