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FoodHandler Introduces oneSAFE® Blue Vinyl Gloves

oneSAFE® Powder-Free Blue Vinyl Gloves

New Line Extension Provides Greater Safety During Food Preparation

FoodHandler, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of high-quality food safety solutions, has added gloves in powder-free blue vinyl to its oneSAFE system for the food industry.

oneSAFE® Powder-Free Blue Vinyl Gloves

oneSAFE® Powder-Free Blue Vinyl Gloves

oneSAFE is a first-of-its-kind proprietary dispensing system that enables users to pull out a single glove by the cuff and don it without touching the food-handling surface.  Therefore, users are able to reduce the risk of cross contamination by 96 percent.*

“We developed our new oneSAFE powder-free blue vinyl gloves in response to customer requests for a colorful option to enhance visibility during food preparation,” said FoodHandler Senior Product Manager Brian Sangston. “Also, blue is the HAACP color code for seafood. This makes our blue vinyl gloves ideal for use in our customers’ restaurants and retail seafood areas.”

Reduces Glove Contamination

oneSAFE powder-free blue vinyl gloves are packaged for use in oneSAFE wall-mounted single or triple acrylic dispensers, which harbor 93 percent less bacteria than traditional dispensers.† Also, the oneSAFE system is available with nitrile and clear vinyl gloves. For convenience, all varieties are packaged for use in wall-mounted or table-top dispensers.

Decreases Waste, Time to Don

Additionally, oneSAFE controls the number of gloves pulled and makes them faster to put on.  When compared to traditional dispensers, users increase donning speed by 50 percent while decreasing product wasted by an average of 21 percent.‡

Furthermore, the oneSAFE compact packaging reduces cardboard waste by as much as 25 percent. Finally, the smaller footprint of oneSAFE decreases storage required by approximately 30 percent.

For more information on oneSAFE, available exclusively from FoodHandler, call FoodHandler at 800-338-4433 or visit http://www.onesafesystem.com/foodservice.

*As shown in the Swann-Morton Study Executive Summary available at www.oneSAFEsystem.com.

†Research: MatMikroLab, Division of Food Safety, NMBU Norwegian University of Life Sciences

‡ 2014 Technomic Study


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