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WWUD IF …? Common Emergency Scenarios in Foodservice Operations

It is cold outside, at least here in the Midwest! Here’s hoping the water pipes don’t freeze or the wind doesn’t blow down power lines causing us to lose electricity! What would we do if these types of emergencies were to happen?  Having an emergency plan in place helps foodservices facing these situations, or other types of emergencies, be prepared. In our first blog for this month, we covered some of the basics in developing an emergency preparation plan. In this blog, we will review some of the action steps to take in a few “typical” emergency situations: flooding, water disruption, and fire. Hopefully your foodservice never has to respond to any of these, but just in case, it is good to have a plan…

$Money Matters: Balancing Costs and Food Safety Goals

Money matters in any foodservice operation – whether it be in hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, restaurants, or any other type of operation. Managers are keenly aware that they must balance costs while meeting the goals of their operation.  When balancing costs, we all know that food safety goals cannot be compromised.  Our October webinar provided a great overview of ways to look at costs in foodservice, and how to balance those costs to meet your organizational objectives.  Dr. Julie Boettger’s webinar is available for you to view at www.foodhandler.com/  .  You can earn an hour of continuing education credit while learning great tips for improvements in your operation! Today, I will highlight some of her main points from my perspective and discuss them in…