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FoodHandler Illustrates Hand Hygiene, Glove Facts for National Food Safety Month

For National Food Safety Month, FoodHandler is highlighting some eye-opening food safety facts in a new infographic on hand hygiene and glove use.

This FoodHandler infographic answers the question, “Do you know what is ON a foodservice employee’s hands?” To download the complimentary infographic, visit https://www.foodhandler.com/food-safety/downloads/.

Hand Hygiene and Glove Use Infographic

FoodHandler Infographic answers the question “Do you know what is ON a foodservice employee’s hands?”

The infographic features research and statistics from several scientific sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In 2015, the CDC reported that 902 foodborne disease outbreaks resulted in 15,202 illnesses, 950 hospitalizations, 20 product recalls and 15 deaths. Some of these outbreaks resulted from retail food workers who practiced poor hand hygiene and improper glove use.1

It’s no wonder that hands often transmit foodborne disease. While it’s easy for food workers’ hands to become contaminated while at work, their hands often harbor many germs when they report for duty.2,3 A typical hand surface carries more than 150 different types of bacterial species.4

And while food workers may wash their hands, they’re not always effective at removing all microbes in the handwashing process. In a study featured in the Journal of Food Protection, 33 percent of test subjects’ hands had yeast and 94 percent had bacteria AFTER washing their hands.2

When microbes remain, gloves are the last defense against cross contamination by hands.4

The FoodHandler oneSAFE® Single-Glove Dispensing System provides an additional level of assurance against cross contamination by hands. This patented system dispenses gloves one at a time cuff first so that users don’t touch the food handling surface. This reduces the risk of cross contamination by 96 percent.5 Additional information on oneSAFE may be found at onesafesystem.com/foodservice.

For assistance with oneSAFE or any of the FoodHandler food safety solutions, contact your local FoodHandler representative or call FoodHandler at 800-338-4433.


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