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FoodHandler Sales Executive Featured in QSR Magazine

FoodHandler’s Joe Selzer discussed how the oneSAFE system promotes restaurant food safety in QSR’s March 2016 SmartChain publication. Joe was featured in the article “Killing Contaminants” that appeared on page S12. Below is a snippet originally posted in the March 2016 SmartChain publication.

FOODHANDLER_GLOVES-26Find the right product to keep your restaurant spotless

When it comes to food safety, it’s often the small things that will make the difference between a good or disastrously bad experience for your customers. Specifically, things as small as the microorganisms crowding on hands, surfaces, and food itself require a well-thought-out approach. At FoodHandler, national sales director Joe

Selzer says that he has seen a dramatic uptick in the number and intensity of operators who are looking to analyze how their restaurant deals with these tiny nuisances. “There’s been a shift from food safety being important, to being priority No. 1,” he says. “Food safety is a big issue for customers today, and especially Millennials, and restaurant owners know that and are trying to make big changes

accordingly.” One thing playing into the increased level of scrutiny when it comes to food safety might be the emphasis on fresh produce, which tends to come with an elevated level of risk for causing foodborne illness (as opposed to its more processed, pre-treated counterparts). Selzer says many apprehensive operators want to improve, but don’t know where to start. Once again, it’s the small things that win the day—such as FoodHandler’s latest innovation, which is simple, yet effective.

The company experienced a breakthrough in food-handling safety with its oneSAFE Single Glove Dispensing System. This innovative improvement in delivery was born out of research aimed at a system of eliminating cross-contamination. By exposing only a small section of one glove at a time to human contact, oneSAFE eliminates 96 percent of cross-contamination. In an environment where 12 percent of food workers say they have worked though bouts of stomach illness, it’s crucially important to provide products to ensure that employee error won’t result in the spread of infection. The oneSAFE solution is an ideal way to improve restaurants’ food safety systems and customers’ perceptions of a safe dining environment.

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Posted with permission of Journalistic, Inc/QSR magazine