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FoodHandler Launches oneSAFE® Powder-Free Black Nitrile Gloves

New Line Extension Provides Strength, Versatility for Food Preparation, Cleaning Tasks

FoodHandler, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of high-quality disposable hygiene and food safety solutions, has added black nitrile gloves to its oneSAFE system line.

The oneSAFE system is a first-of-its-kind proprietary dispensing system that enables users to pull out a single glove by the cuff and don it without touching the food-handling surface. This simple difference reduces the risk of cross contamination by up to 96 percent.*

“We developed our new oneSAFE black nitrile gloves to meet increasing customer demand,” said FoodHandler Brand Director Brian Sangston. “Black nitrile gloves are versatile enough to use for catering and food preparation, especially for barbecue, as well as for general housekeeping tasks. Plus nitrile gloves are safer than natural rubber latex gloves and more resilient than both latex and vinyl gloves when coming in contact with acidic and citrus foods and general cleaning soaps and detergents.”

The gloves are packaged for use in oneSAFE single- or triple-pack wall dispensers, which harbor 93 percent less bacteria than traditional dispensers.* Since the oneSAFE system controls the number of gloves pulled and makes them faster to put on, users decrease waste and increase donning speed by 50 percent over traditional dispensers.

The oneSAFE system is available exclusively from FoodHandler. For more information about oneSAFE powder-free black nitrile gloves, call FoodHandler at 800-338-4433 or visit https://www.foodhandler.com/products/black-nitrile

*As shown in the Swann-Morton Study available at http://www.oneSAFEsystem.com/Swann-Morton.

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