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FoodHandler Introduces oneSAFE Table Top Single-Glove Dispensing System

Innovative Product Designed to Help Food Industry Reach a Higher Level of Safety

FoodHandler Inc., a leading developer and supplier of high-quality food safety solutions, will unveil the new the oneSAFETM Table Top single-glove dispensing system in Booth 689 at Seafood Expo North America March 15-17 in Boston, Mass.

The Table Top is the latest innovation from oneSAFE, a proprietary dispensing system for the food industry that enables users to pull out a single glove by the cuff and don it without touching the food-handling surface. This simple difference reduces the risk of cross contamination by 96 percent. The oneSAFE Table Top, available for purchase in April, features suction cups that allow it to be moved quickly and secured safely when in use.

“With products such as the oneSAFE Table Top, FoodHandler continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative products that help our customers operate safely and efficiently,” said FoodHandler Senior Category and Product Development Manager Brian Sangston. “We’ve also recently introduced oneSAFE powder-free gloves in nitrile. Now our customers can dispense both nitrile and vinyl powder-free gloves with oneSAFE.”

Since improper hand hygiene causes 89 percent of foodborne illness, a dispensing system like oneSAFE helps the food industry protect its customers and employees while improving efficiencies and brand image. The oneSAFE system decreases waste versus traditional dispensers that do not control the number of gloves pulled. The system’s compact packaging reduces environmental impact by lowering transportation and logistics costs while reducing cardboard waste by as much as 25 percent and storage space by as much as 30 percent. Additionally, oneSAFE makes gloves 50 percent faster to put on, improving speed of service.

The oneSAFE system is available exclusively from FoodHandler. For more information about oneSAFE, visit FoodHandler Booth 689 at Seafood Expo North America or visit the oneSAFE product page.