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FoodHandler Expands Line of FoodTouch® Antimicrobial-Protected Paper with New Blue Option

Patented Active Packaging Solution Keeps Perishable Food Fresher Longer

FoodHandler Inc., a leading developer and supplier of high-quality food safety solutions, now offers FoodTouch® antimicrobial-protected paper in blue. FoodHandler, the exclusive provider of FoodTouch, will feature the complete line of the patented, one-of-a-kind paper in Booth 689 at Seafood Expo North America March 15-17 in Boston, Mass.

“FoodTouch antimicrobial-protected paper products offer an active, simple and smart solution that allows our customers to better manage their valuable foods throughout the chain of custody,” said FoodHandler Product Manager Barbara Hodges. “Our solutions address food freshness in all food industry segments, including foodservice, food processing and grocery operations. Our new blue paper is ideal for creating attractive displays of fresh fish in retail settings.”

An alternative to traditional passive packaging, the FoodTouch active packaging solution features a multifaceted structure and an antimicrobial-protected surface that keeps food fresher longer. FoodTouch helps maintain food’s color and texture, reduces off odors and extends the “to be sold by” date. Since coming onto the market more than eight years ago, FoodTouch products have supported the operational best practices of some of the world’s most respected food companies.

“FoodTouch antimicrobial-protected paper products have a history of keeping perishable foods fresher longer, and they work particularly well to preserve the natural color and texture of fresh fish and seafood,” said Tony Salemi, president of MicrobeGuard Corporation, the manufacturer of FoodTouch. “Premier seafood processors worldwide use the green FoodTouch Tuna Wrap to keep tuna brighter in color and fresher during transport to their customers.”

Cheryl Fuller, director of fresh seafood operations for Halperns’ Steak & Seafood in Atlanta, Ga., has used FoodTouch green tuna paper wrap since 2010. Halperns’ tuna is sought by executive chefs at fine restaurants throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern U.S.

“Our chefs pay a premium for our fish and expect the best of the best,” said Cheryl. “Using FoodTouch is an important step in providing them with the highest quality product. Halperns’ won’t offer tuna unless it’s wrapped in FoodTouch packaging.”

To learn more about FoodTouch and to request samples, visit FoodHandler Booth 689 at Seafood Expo North America.