New MedHandler® White Paper Explains Importance of Creating a Safety Culture in Healthcare Organizations

Proper Procedures, Tools and Accountability Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections

FoodHandler, Inc., the developer and supplier of MedHandler-brand gloves, released a new white paper that addresses how to create a culture of safety within healthcare organizations to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The white paper titled “Making Patient and Employee Safety a Top Priority for Your Healthcare Organization” is now available for download.

The white paper provides an in-depth look at the impact that improper employee hygiene has on causing HAIs in the U.S. The white paper also outlines innovative and practical steps that organizations can take to establish safety cultures that promote safe and effective healthcare environments. Adopting specific behaviors and providing the proper tools protect healthcare workers and patients and prevent healthcare organizations from suffering the losses of time, money and reputation that result from HAIs.

“With our MedHandler-brand gloves, FoodHandler is committed to helping healthcare organizations work more safely and efficiently,” said John Mihelich, vice president and general manager, FoodHandler. “We developed our new white paper to help healthcare leaders create a culture of safety within their organizations. Once they’ve established the culture, they will experience better compliance with healthcare procedures, which produces safer environments with fewer incidents of HAIs.”


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