FoodHandler is the leader in food safety. FoodHandler is the leader in food safety.

Innovation: At the Core of Everything We Do

New products. New programs. New ways to protect. At FoodHandler, we never stop exploring fresh ways to keep your operation running safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our latest innovations include:


oneSAFE™ Glove Dispensing System

The oneSAFE™ system helps foodservice operations minimize the risk of cross-contamination and increase efficiency via a cuff-first glove dispensing system that helps to improve employee hygiene, prevent waste and increase compliance.

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FoodTouch® Active Packaging

FoodTouch antimicrobial-protected paper products offer an active, simple and smart solution that helps Executive Chefs and Kitchen Managers better manage their valuable meats, seafood and perishables, by keeping food fresher longer.

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JobSelect® Cast Poly Hybrid Gloves

JobSelect Cast Poly Hybrid gloves feature a patent-pending technology to provide excellent stretch and dexterity. These textured gloves are used for common foodservice applications such as serving and preparing food.

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JobSelect® Black Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves

JobSelect Black Nitrile Powder-Free gloves are engineered for maximum multipurpose performance. These gloves have excellent strength and are outstanding in foodservice applications, and for handling cleaning agents, automotive materials, dyes, and general utility items.

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JobSelect® Orange Vinyl (PVC) Cleaning Gloves

JobSelect Orange Vinyl Cleaning gloves are latex free and a great alternative for anyone with latex allergies. Ideal for general and light-to-moderate cleaning applications, these gloves are extremely comfortable and soft for increased dexterity and reduced hand fatigue.

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EPIC® Hybrid Gloves

EPIC gloves are made with a patented hybrid material, providing a cost effective solution that will offer increased performance over poly gloves, and a cost savings over vinyl gloves. These gloves are perfect for general foodservice applications to ensure food safety protection.

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